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1. Poster - Geoscape Southern Saskatchewan

2. Poster - Geoscape Northern Saskatchewan

3. Lesson Plans


Poster - Geoscape Southern Saskatchewan

To learn more about Geoscape Southern Saskatchewan or download the poster please follow this link.


Poster - Geoscape Northern Saskatchewan

To learn more about Geoscape Northern Saskatchewan or to download the poster please follow this link.

To download the Geoscape Posters you can visit the NRCan website.

Lesson Plans

Please note that only some of the Lesson Plans below have been completed and are clickable!



Saskatchewan Geological Society Outreach Resources

The Saskatchewan Geological Society (the Society) has a variety of educational resources for teachers. The resources are grouped under four headings in the table below: GeoExplore, Geoscape Saskatchewan Posters, Lesson Plans and Other Resources. Each row represents a geoscientific theme and provides links where information is available.

GeoExplore is an interactive website based on the original paper Geological Highway Map of Saskatchewan that was published in 2002. Links to GeoExplore sections are provided on the left-hand side of the table. Links to PDFs of the original map are included under Other Resources, and paper copies can be ordered using the SGS publication order form.

The Society contributed to the production of two Geoscape Saskatchewan Posters: one each for northern Saskatchewan and southern Saskatchewan. Hardcopies of the posters can be ordered through our website; they are available in English and French.  The posters can be broken down into thematic panels, PDFs of which can be downloaded from the table below.

The Society has created Lesson Plans based around the Geoscape posters and the GeoExplore website. Additional Other Resources are available to supplement the Lesson Plans. 


Geo Explore Saskatchewan

Geoscape Posters

Lesson Plans



Other Resources



Main Tab


North Panels

South Panels







  • GeoExplore Scavenger Hunt

Geo 101

Sask Geology


Rock Cycle

  • Rock Cycle





Plate Tectonics





Meteorite Impacts

  • Meteorite Impact



Our Resources

Resource Map

  • How We Use Our Land
  • Hidden Treasures

Minerals and Mines

  • How We Use Our Land
  • Jobs in Mining
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Athabasca


Oil, Gas and Coal






  • How We Use Our Land




Canadian Shield


  • How We Use Our Land
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Athabasca

Sedimentary Basins


  • Athabasca

















Ice Age


  • Ice Age
  • Our Diverse Prairie Landscape
  • Our Big Valleys






  • Ice Age






Water and Drainage


  • Waterways























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