Walter Kupsch Award

Top undergraduate geology student at University of Saskatchewan Walter Kupsch was a geology professor at the U of S who made important contributions through his work in Quaternary geology, terrain analysis, and northern non-renewable resource development. Professor Walter Kupsch passed away on July 6, 2003. 


Past winners of the award are displayed in the list below:

YearAward Recipient
1988Gerard Zaluski
1989Gerard Zaluski
1990Ron Miksha
1991Kevin Adams
1992Graham Phipps
1993Robin Zabek
1994Melodi Kujawa
1995C. Therens
1996D. Postnikoff
1997Alex MacNeil
1998Kelly Easterman
1999Derek Savage
2000Rachel Gammell
2001Margaret Harder
2002Julia Milne
2003Breanna Uzelman
2004Kimberley Halpin
2005Mary England
2006Virginia Chostner
2007Riley Hutchinson
2008Rae-Dawn Keim
2009Garret LePoudre
2010Britni Brenna
2011Mikkel Steven Tetland
2012Andrew May
2013Eli Wiens
2014Sean Hillacre
2015Todd LeBlanc
2016Colton Vessey
2017Hoang Anh Tu (Lavie) Nguyen
2018Lyndsay Hauber



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