One of the main goals of the Society is to undertake outreach activities, designed to educate the public about the geology of Saskatchewan. Geoscience education is done in a number of ways. One of the Societies most successful outreach projects has been the Geological Highway Map, which was produced in 2001.

A joint federal-provinical intiative, called Geoscape, was geared mostly at educating school aged children; two Geoscape posters were produces one for northern Saskatchewan and one for southern Saskatchewan.

There are generally two public lectures each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, focusing on a variety of geoscience topics. Space and dinosuar are aways polular choices.

In 2016, the Society began producing the Saskatchewan Geology Calendar The purpose of the calendar, apart from the obvious, is to educate the general public about Saskatchewan geology and its impact on our lives and prosperity. Monthly photos feature various scenes from the 3.4 billion years of Earth history thus far recorded in the province from microscopic scale to landscape views spanning the Precambrian Shield in the north to the southern prairies.


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