Robert Milner Award

Robert Milner Award - Top undergraduate geology student at University of Regina.

Robert Milner was a prominent Saskatchewan geologist who made significant contributions to the understanding of the sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Jurassic System in Saskatchewan, particularly units such as the Watrous, Gravelbourg, Shaunavon, Vangaurd formations. Presented award plaque, $150.00 cash prize, choice of any SGS publication.



Past winners of this award are listed below:

YearAward Recipient
1971Daryl Wightman
1972Marion Cole
1973John Letson
1974Gary Posehn
1975Grant Garvin
1976David Thomas
1977Frances Haidl
1978Allan Tritthardt
1979Dave Davison
1980Dan Walker
1981Brenda Drever
1982Pam Schwann
1983Sherry Richardson
1984Greg Perras
1985Deirdre Riley
1986Jill Rehman
1987David Toop
1988Dwayne Sparks
1989Mark Edwards
1990Lloyd Freeman
1991Dawn Kosloski
1992Danny Labelle
1993Jeff Webber
1994Andrea Kletzel
1995Paula Zimmer
1996Colin Card
1997Kevin Treptau
1998Christopher Coolican
1999Andrew Nimegeers
2000Mauri Smith
2001Gregory Niebergall
2002Kim Bailey
2003Nadene England
2004Sarah Ranson
2005Jeanette Marcotte
2006Earline Mack
2007Jennifer Emily Braun
2008Andrew Morley
2009Bree Rees
2010Tara Fuchs
2011Ian Mansfield
2012Richard Boulding
2013Taylor Haid
2014Amanda Palaniuk
2015Brodie Stroh
2016Kevin Hoover


Joshua Kluck
2018Dylan Deck
2019Anastasiya Konchakovsky
2020Brittany Boyarski
2021Nahanni Young
2022Collin Germann


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