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last updated March 20, 2022

Please submit your photos for the next Saskatchewan Geoscience Calendar 

The Saskatchewan Geological Society is always looking for submissions of photographs featuring the geoscience diversity of our province covering all corners of our province from the Cypress Hills to the Lake Athabasca region and exhibiting all scales from microphotographs to satellite images. We are seeking submissions in the following categories: 1) mineral; 2) outcrop north; 3) outcrop south; 4) fossil; 5) aerial image (Landsat, ortho, drone, etc.); 6) geological landscape north; 7) geological landscape south; 8) geological history; 9) oil & gas industry; 10) landform; 11) mineral exploration industry; 12) microscope; 13) geological art.

To get an idea of photos in previous calendars, please scroll further down on this page to take a look.

We encourage submission of one or more photos, in one or several of the above categories.

Please send your photos to:

by March 31, for inclusion in the calendar of the following year.

If your photo is chosen you will receive two free calendars and bragging rights.


Some 2023 Saskatchewan Geoscience Calendars Still Available!

Please purchase your copy of the 2023 Calendar to support your Society and to support local businesses.

How to obtain your copy 

The calendar retails for a price of $10 (1-9 copies), $8 (>10 copies). It will be available for retail from early October until the middle of January. 

In Regina, the calendar is available each fall (starting around Oct 17) at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Bushwakkers, and Fresh Air Experience.

In Saskatoon, the calendar is usually available at the McNally Robinson bookstore.

In Moose Jaw at the Western Development Museum and at the Museum Art Gallery gift store.

You can also place larger orders of the calendar online by completing an order form (click here to download).

Mission Statement

The Saskatchewan Geoscience Calendar showcases the geoscience beauty of our province. It is aimed at the general public and professional geoscientists alike, to educate them about the natural beauty of our province and about the impact of geoscience on our lives and prosperity. Monthly photos feature various scenes from the 3.4 billion years of Earth history thus far recorded in the province from outcrop scale to landscape views spanning the Precambrian Shield in the north to the southern prairies. Four pages at the beginning of the calendar focus on the province's geological resources, history and landscape and also features our most recent award winners.  


7th Edition of Saskatchewan Geology Calendar - 2022


6th Edition of Saskatchewan Geology Calendar - 2021

We still have about 10 calendars left!


5th Edition of Saskatchewan Geology Calendar - 2020 

We have a few calendars left!


4th Edition of Saskatchewan Geology Calendar - 2019 

We have a few calendars left!






3rd Edition of Saskatchewan Geology Calendar - 2018 

A few copies of the third edition are still available. 


January 2018:



2017 SGS Geology Wall Calendar - 2nd edition

Congratulations to the winner of our 2017 photo contest: Sally Gray's photo from Chaplin was selected for the month of December.


2016 Geological Calendar of Saskatchewan - 1st edition

The idea for the Calendar was born in 2015 and a committee of SGS members (see below) worked hard to create and design Saskatchewan's first Geological Wall Calendar for 2016. The purpose of the calendar, apart from the obvious, is to educate the general public about Saskatchewan geology and its impact on our lives and prosperity. Monthly photos feature various scenes from the 3.4 billion years of Earth history thus far recorded in the province from microscopic scale to landscape views spanning the Precambrian Shield in the north to the southern prairies. 

In 2016 the Society printed 1000 calendars, most of which were sold, with some having been handed out free to schools across the Regina area.

2022 Sponsors:

The following sponsors are thanked for their generous contributions towards the 2022 Geoscience Wall Calendar: The Saskatchewan Mining Association has been a major contributor since the inception of the calendar. The remaining sponsors are, in alphabetical order: Caprice Resources Ltd., Dave Thomas, Deep Earth Energy Production, Fleet Energy, Hy-Tech Drilling, IsoEnergy Ltd., J.D. Mollard and Associates, Osprey Wings Ltd., North American Helium, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, PrintWest, RESPEC, Rio Tinto, SSR Mining Seabee; Robertson Trading Company, and Saskatchewan Research Council.

Current Committee Members:

Kevin Ansdell, Ken Ashton (technical editor), Karen Bawden, Monica Cliveti (secretary), Jason Cosford (design), Meagan Gilbert, Svieda Ma, Dunja Sorenson, Ralf Maxeiner (chair and technical editor); Fred Shrimer and Michelle Hanson (production editors). 

If you would like to submit your photos for an upcoming edition of the Saskatchewan Geology Calendar please email:



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