Geological Highway Map of Saskatchewan

In 2002, the Saskatchewan Geological Society pulished Saskatchewan's first Geological Highway Map. Spearheaded by the Society, major partners of the project included Saskatchewan Energy and Mines, Tourism Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Saskatchewan Northern Affairs, Canadian Geological Foundation, Saskatchewan Mining Association, and the Saskatchewan Research Council.

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The stated goal of the Highway Map Committee was "to produce a Geological Highway Map for Saskatchewan, which will further the understanding and appreciation of Earth's history, Saskatchewan's geology and the mineral industry amongst students and the general public". Yet even professional geoscientists should find this colourful map useful and interesting.

The "north" side of the map covers 110-54° latitude and features the bedrock geology of the Precambrian Shield. The "south" side, between 55° and the Canada-US border, displays the surficial geology and bedrock geology where exposed.

The geology of the north was simplified to distinguish metasedimentary, metavolcanic, and felsic and mafic plutonic rocks of Paleoproterozoic and Archean ages. The Athabasca Basin and Wathman Batholith are clearly labeled as distinct geological entities. Meteorite impact sites, and areas of gold, base metal and uranium mining are shown.

The southern part of the map distinguishes areas of moraine, stagnant moraine, eolian and glacial lake deposits, and a variety of other glacial deposits and landforms. It also depicts unglaciated areas such as the Tertiary conglomerates of the Cypress Hills and Paleozoic dolostones of the Amisk Lake area.

Committee members were drawn from a variety of organizations including Saskatchewan Energy and Mines, University of Regina, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and the University of Saskatchewan. Committee members were: From Saskatchewan Energy and Mines: Ralf Maxeiner (Chairman), Fran Haidl (Co-Chair), Gary Yeo (Co-Chair), Bill Slimmon (GIS), Dave MacDougall (Secretary), Charlie Harper (Technical Editor), Bob Troyer (Treasurer), Chris Gilboy, Kim Kreis, and Doug Harvey. From Regina: Harold Bryant (Royal Saskatchewan Museum), Janis Dale (University of Regina, Geography Department), and Don Kent (President of the Society and ex-officio committee member). Long Distance Members: Kevin Ansdell (University of Saskatchewan, Department of Geological Sciences),  Riona Bernatsky (Yukon Economic Development), Joan Hodgins (Eastend Chamber of Commerce),  Frank McDougall (Saskatoon).

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