Laszlo Fuzesy Award

The Laszlo Fuzesy Award is presented to the best graduate student poster at the Saskatchewan Geological Open House

Dr. Laszlo Fuzesy was a petroleum geologist with the Department of Mineral Resources from the 1950’s through to the 1980’s who specialized in subsurface geological research of the Mississippian in Saskatchewan. The Award is presented for the best Saskatchewan graduate poster display at the annual Saskatchewan Geological Open House in Saskatoon


Previous winners of the Laszlo Fuzesy award are listed below:

YearAward Recipient
1989Jeff Minto
1990Kevin Ansdell
1991Tom Kotzer
1992Paul Field
1993John Fedorowich
1994Kyle Durocher
1995P. Redly
1996Hai Tran
1997Adam Benn
1998Balazs Nemeth
1999Shawn Harvey & Colin Card (co-recipients)
2000Shawn Harvey
2001Brent Collier
2002Russell Hartlaub
2003Rachel Sulz
2004Aaron Brown
2005Kimberley Bailey & Sandor Sule (co-recipients)
2006Chad Glemser
2007Bernadette Knox
2008Solange Angulo
2009Kyle Reid
2010Rachelle Boulanger
2011Ronald Ng
2012Ronald Ng
2013Rong Liang
2014Erin Adlakha
2015Dillon Johnstone
2016Megan Gilbert
2017Todd LeBlanc
2018Hoang Anh Tu (Lavie) Nguyen
2019Arin Kitchen
2020Not Awarded
2021Shelby Brandt

1st: Nicholas Montenegro

2nd: Daniel Ferguson


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