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SGS Individual Memberships – Renewal and New Applications

The SGS Executive has decided to reward people who renew their membership on-time. Active and Associate Memberships have been and will remain $25 per calendar year, if you renew before March 31st each year. After March 31st, Active and Associate memberships will increase by $10 to $35.  

Based on your qualifications, choose from the following membership types:

  1. Active Members hold a degree in earth sciences or their standing in the profession is well recognized.
  2. Associate Members hold a degree not related to earth sciences, but have a practicing interest in earth sciences; or their practicing interest in the profession is well recognized.
  3. Student Members are studying earth sciences in a recognized university or college.
  4. Amateur Members do not meet the qualification requirements of an Active or Associate Member but have an interest in the earth sciences.
  5. Active and Associate members can choose to become lifetime members upon payment of the appropriate fee.

Active and Emeritus Members may take part in all activities of the Society, vote and hold office. Associate, Student, Honorary, Amateur, and Corporate Members may take part in all activities of the Society, but cannot vote or hold any office, unless approved to do so by the Executive Committee.

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